Jake Steward has a very practical Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Performance that he got from UNCWilmington. While living in Wilmington for six years, he was a founding member of sketch-comedy troupe Pineapple-Shaped Lamps where he worked as a writer, director, and actor. Jake also performed in many shorts films while in Wilmington, a few of which screened at several festivals across the country.
Jake has recently moved back to his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina and began work as a professional actor as well as starting to perform stand-up comedy. Acting (and comedy) have been Jake’s passion ever since he first saw Steve Martin in “The Jerk” when he was in 5th grade.
Jake is a full 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon and his hobbies include googling Harry Potter family lines, Netflixing Frasier, and writing internet bios.


Jake Manning is a pro wrestler, podcaster and a stand up comedian. Much like the title of his podcast Jake feels like a "Stranger in a Southern Land" because he moved to Charlotte for a 3 month internship that has now turned into a 10 plus year residency. Jake is able to articulate why he constantly feels like a visitor in a city that is his home. His feelings of awkwardness are also expressed when he talks about his misadventures in love, his missteps in the world of performance art, wrestling as a over grown boy scout known as "The Man Scout" Jake Manning and how his small town midwest sensibilities are completely out of date.